The Spa


Even 'relaxation' sometimes can be a bit of a grind-struggling hard to shun away the work plots and rid your mind completely of thoughts. The burgeoning hustle and bustle of a city life can do that to you. To achieve the state of serenity - replinishing your body, mind and soul becomes a requisite.


From the bouquet of mascular manipulations of a Swedish massage to the rich essential oils of an Aromatherapy to Thai foot massages our spa boasts of an opulent array of relaxation techniques.


Abyangam massages, deep tissue massages, foot reflexology are available for over a duration ranging from 30 to 60 minutes. Each of these have been carefully researched and compiled using the modern techniques of science and India's very own Ayurveda.


Trained Professionals shall usher you into a world of indulgence. Wonderful spa decor thoughtfully created to give you a sense of calm and unwinding bliss - your body and mind awaits a rejuvenation upheaval.



33/1, 34,36,58,59/1, Bahukheda, Indore

Madhya Pradesh - 466221


+91 88893 00033


10AM - 10PM